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High Loop Pile Circular Knitting Machine

Machine model:




Product Description

Machine Description:
The High loop pile circular kntiting machine, is the improved version of the terry machine. It supports simultaneous shearing, which reduces the consumption of raw materials and save cost. The machine can knit a variety of high-quality loop pile fabrics, including plush fabric, coral velvet, peacock velvet, pink velvet, pearl velvet, Terri velvet, snow velvet, ice velvet, rice velvet, peacock velvet, fireworks cashmere, stand down velvet and so forth. There are several suitable materials, such as cotton, chemical fiber, blended yarn, silk and artificial wool. The range of wool length contains short wool of 1.6-3.6cm, medium wool of 3.6-5.0cm and long wool of 5.0-7.5cm.


Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. High pile circular knitting machine possesses a line shaft leading two gears to drive synchronously. Therefore, the drive precision is guaranteed and no bearing indentation will be left. The knitted fabric can be flat and level without any unfavorable condition like folds.
2. Manufactured from high-density gray iron alloy, the cam boxes have got aging treatment for a set time, which effectively avoids expansion and contraction caused by the temperature variation between cold boot and normal running of the machine, and has the knitting precision under control.
3. Its frame has received a natural aging treatment. The oil-immersed gear meshing drive model does well in high stability and low noise.
4. There are dust exhausting fans at the top and bottom of the compact machine. These fans are able to completely remove sheared velour, prolong the service life of needles and sinkers, and promote operating efficiency.
5. With 2 tracks for the dial and 1 track for the cylinder, it runs quickly and meets the needs for high output.

Product Application:
Night-gown, doll, carpet, baby clothes and other home textiles.


Machine Specification:

Model Cylinder Dia. Gauge Feeder
YFGQR 26” 14G~20G-32G 12F
YFGQR 30” 14G~20G-32G 14F
YFGQR 34”/36”/38” 14G~20G-32G 16F/ 18F/22F

Our plant is equipped with a lot of advanced production equipment, such as the CNC vertical lathe, high-speed milling machines, CNC machining center and so on. There devices are imported from Japan & Germany and we gradually expand our plant, now our annual output can reach more than 2000 sets, before the shipment , machines will be adjusted and inspected by our technicians, so as to make sure that all machines are qualified.

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