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Single & Double Leggings Knitting Machine

Machine model:




Product Description

Machine Description:
The high speed leggings circular knitting machine possesses 2 tracks for the dial and 4 tracks for the cylinder. The arrangement of cams and needles can be changed to knit a variety of double jersey seamless fabrics, such as warm leggings, transparent warm leggings, warm form-fitting leggings, and so forth. The cloth rolling control system is particularly designed to pull cloth evenly without any deformation or folds. Its processable materials consist of cotton yarn, chemical fiber, high-elastic polyester silk, blended yarn of diverse specifications and so on.


Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. Since the high speed leggings circular knitting machine is provided with small tailor-made needles, its yarn feeders are three more than those of a common high speed mini circular knitting machine, which effectively improve production efficiency.
2. The powerful computer control system is applied to automatically monitor and control every running parameters, including spraying oil in fixed quantity and at regular time, dust removing, needle breakage detection, auto-stop if the fabric is broken or the rated volume of production is reached, etc.
3. In order to successfully avoid deformation caused by environmental factors and increase knitting system precision, its frame is mainly made of gray iron alloy and has received natural aging treatment. The oil-immersed gear meshing drive model is adopted owing to its high stability and less noise.


Product Application :
Form-fitting leggings, stockings, tights, warm leggings, underclothes and so forth.


Machine Specification:

Model Diameter Gauge Feeders
YFSL (SINGLE JERSEY) 4" - 12" 14G-24G 2-3F/INCH
YFGSG (DOUBLE JERSEY) 4" - 12" 14G-24G 1.5-2.5/INCH

Our plant is equipped with a lot of advanced production equipment, such as the CNC vertical lathe, high-speed milling machines, CNC machining center and so on. There devices are imported from Japan & Germany and we gradually expand our plant, now our annual output can reach more than 2000 sets, before the shipment , machines will be adjusted and inspected by our technicians, so as to make sure that all machines are qualified.

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