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Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Machine model:





Product Description

Machine Description:
The high speed four tracks single jersey circular knitting machine belongs to the circular knitting machine series and possesses four tracks cams. Due to the cylinder four-track cam design, it can produce various high-quality single jerseys with diverse patterns or thicknesses through different arrangement of cams and needles. Available single jerseys fabric include the pique fabric, mesh fabric, twill, polyester-cotton blended fabric, high elastic lycra fabric, plain weave fabric and fabric for swimwear. Our specially designed fabric rolling system enables cloth to be pulled evenly and reduces the probability of irregular color. It is applicable for processing materials like cotton yarn, blended yarn of various specifications, high-elastic polyester silk, chemical fiber and so forth.


Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. Its frame has undergone the natural aging treatment. The oil-immersed gear meshing drive model is praised for good stability and low noise.
2. The advanced computer control system is able to automatically monitor and control all the operating parameters, such as spraying oil regularly in fixed quantity, dust removing, needle breakage detection, automatic stop when the fabric is broken, auto-stop when arriving the set output and so on.
3. There are dust exhausting fans in the middle and at the top as well as bottom of the machine. They may effectively clear away accumulated cotton fiber, protect needles and sinkers, and enhance running efficiency.
4. The high speed four tracks single jersey circular knitting machine can equip with three thread fleece conversion kit . Therefore, it can also serve as a three thread fleece circular knitting machine.


Product Application:
Swimwear, tights, gym suit, sport suit, underclothes, T-shirt, polo shirt, etc.

Machine Specification:

Model Cylinder Dia. Gauge Feeder
YFSG- (3F/Inch) 12”~44” 12G~32G 36F~132F
YFSG- (4F/Inch) 12”~44” 12G~32G 48F~176F
YFSG- (6F/Inch) 12”~44” 12G~32G 72F~264F

Machine Dimension:

Diameter Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg) Wooden Case Size (cm)
40"-44" 2400 2600 240x230x200
36"-38" 2200 2400 230x223x200
30"-34" 2000 2200 220x200x200
12"~28" 1800 2000 200x200x200

Standard Configurations:
Well designed sturdy machine frame
Wire bearing main drive system
Central stitch system
Japanese stainless steel cylinder
Aluminum tube creel
Positive yarn feeders 
Individual cylinder cam box for each feeder
Inverter motor controller
Mechanical fabric take down system
Anti-dust devices Top-3 & Middle-2
Fabric spreader
Integrated main power control panel with 3 shift counters
Digital revolution counter
Pneumatic spray oiler
Needle & fabric detectors
Ceramic yarn carriers
Tools box

Our plant is equipped with a lot of advanced production equipment, such as the CNC vertical lathe, high-speed milling machines, CNC machining center and so on. There devices are imported from Japan & Germany and we gradually expand our plant, now our annual output can reach more than 2000 sets, before the shipment , machines will be adjusted and inspected by our technicians, so as to make sure that all machines are qualified.

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