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Single Jersey 3 Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine

Machine model:





Product Description

Machine Description:
The single jersey 3 thread fleece circular knitting machine is applied to produce all sorts of high-quality single jersey fleece fabrics. To be more specific, its needles and cams can be arranged to manufacture plain French terry, twill French terry, post-processing plush fabric and other fabrics with good heat retention. The fabric rolling system is specially designed by our company, by which the machine is able to pull cloth evenly and has no risk of some undesirable phenomena like irregular color. Its processable materials comprise cotton yarn, blended yarn of various specifications, high-elastic polyester silk, chemical fiber, etc.


Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. The cams are made on the basis of some special techniques, and the transition angle processing has been added to the edge of tracks, which may effectively prolong the service life of needles and sinkers as well as the operating speed of the 3 thread fleece circular knitting machine.
2. The cam boxes are manufactured from high-density gray iron alloy and have undergone aging treatment for a fixed time in the course of working. These boxes can successfully avoid expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold when the machine starts in a low temperature and runs at a high temperature. Moreover, the knitting precision of the machine parts is effectively controlled.
3. The 3 thread fleece circular knitting machine adopts the frame which has received a natural aging treatment, and the oil-immersed gear meshing drive model due to its high stability and slight noise.
4. Its computer control system is powerful enough to automatically survey and control every operating parameter, including spraying oil quantificationally and regularly, dust removing, needle breakage detection, automatic stop when there is a broken hole on the fabric or the output reaches the set value and so forth.
5. The dust exhausting fans are respectively installed in the middle and at the top as well as bottom of the product, so as to remove useless cotton fiber, protect sinkers and needles, and improve operating efficiency.
6. The multifunctional single jersey 3 thread fleece circular knitting machine supports producing diversified fabrics by means of sinkers with different specifications.


Machine Specification:         

Model Dia. Gauge Feeder
YFSF 30"-44" 16G-22G 3 Feeder/Inch


Machine Dimention:



Diameter Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight (kg) Wooden Case Size (cm)
40"-42" 2400 2600 240x230x200
36"-38" 2200 2400 230x223x200
30"-34" 2000 2200 220x200x200
12"~28" 1800 2000 200x200x200

Our plant is equipped with a lot of advanced production equipment, such as the CNC vertical lathe, high-speed milling machines, CNC machining center and so on. There devices are imported from Japan & Germany and we gradually expand our plant, now our annual output can reach more than 2000 sets, before the shipment , machines will be adjusted and inspected by our technicians, so as to make sure that all machines are qualified.

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