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Double Jersey Pattern Wheel Circular Knitting Machine

Machine model:





Product Description

Machine Description:
The pattern wheel jacquard circular knitting machine has two tracks cams and a pattern wheel for jacquard. Its cams can be used along with a dedicated multi-stage pattern wheel and comes with flexible dismantlement and easy adjustment, which largely improves the quality and output of knitted fabrics. This pattern wheel can meet the requirements for most fabrics and enable the product to knit high-quality double-sided jacquard fabrics with diverse thicknesses, designs and colors, including mesh fabric, ponte-de-roma, rib fabric, and fabrics for thermal underwear. The processable materials are pure cotton, chemical fiber, blending, silk and so on.


Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. The pattern wheel jacquard circular knitting machine can also act as a double jersey circular knitting machine and manufacture mesh fabric and ponte-de-roma, if you change its operating way to all knitting cams working or selective knitting cams working.
2. There are several optional multi-stage pattern wheels to satisfy various needs.
3. Equipped with an anti-floating device, the specifically designed stitch cams make sure that no undesirable phenomena occurs during high-speed operating, such as breaking stitches.


Product Application:
Tights, polo shirt, underwear, fashionable dress, swimwear, sportswear, thermal underwear, thin blanket, etc.


Machine Specification:

Model Diameter Gauge Feeders
YFXT 30"-40" 14G-24G 64F/80F

Our plant is equipped with a lot of advanced production equipment, such as the CNC vertical lathe, high-speed milling machines, CNC machining center and so on. There devices are imported from Japan & Germany and we gradually expand our plant, now our annual output can reach more than 2000 sets, before the shipment , machines will be adjusted and inspected by our technicians, so as to make sure that all machines are qualified.

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