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Machine Type

Machine name:
Single & Double Jacquard Leggings Knitting Machine
Machine model:
2018/05/30 12:44
Machine Description
Machine Description:
The high speed small jacquard leggings knitting machine can manufacture double jersey seamless leggings. Developing from the high speed small double jersey seamless leggings knitting machine, the product owns a jacquard knitting system. There are two tracks and one track separately at the top and bottom of the machine, and these tracks are designed for closed cams. You can control the looping state of the needles through a microcomputer control system, so as to produce all kinds of seamless jacquard fabrics, including warm jacquard leggings, transparent warm jacquard leggings, warm form-fitting leggings with jacquard design, etc. Owing to the specially designed multi-stage cloth rolling control system, various fabrics can be pulled stably and uniformly. The jacquard pantyhose knitting machine is suitable for processing cotton yarn, chemical fiber, blended yarn of different specifications, high-elastic polyester silk and other raw materials.
Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. The cams adopt several special techniques and the edge of tracks has undergone the transition angle processing, which contributes to longer working life of needles and sinkers, as well as higher operating speed of the jacquard pantyhose knitting machine.
2. Made of high-density gray iron alloy, the cam boxes have received aging treatment for a fixed time, so as to effectively avert the expansion and contraction caused by the temperature change of the machine, and successfully control the knitting precision of its parts.
3. The frame is mainly manufactured from gray iron alloy, and has suffered natural aging treatment, so as to prevent deformation because of environmental factors and improve knitting system accuracy. Its oil-immersed gear meshing drive model has strengths in good stability and less noise.
4. The advanced computer control system is capable of intelligently monitoring and controlling each operating parameter, such as spraying oil in fixed quantity on time, dust removing, needle breakage detection, automatic stop when detecting a broken hole on the cloth or achieving the rated output, etc.
5. The independent industrial-grade microcomputer control system and the high-light LCD touch screen support complete touch input. All the pattern data and system settings are stored in a memory. Due to the independent battery device and circuits, these data can be automatically saved for 2500 hours when an interruption of power supply occurs. Through connecting to an external PC, the internal data may be shared, which greatly increase expandability and work efficiency.
6. The dedicated jacquard needle selector moves in rolls and meets various needs for needle selection. With steady working performance, it avoids any undesirable phenomenon and significantly boosts the quality and quantity of knitted fabrics:
Product Application:
Children's clothing, form-fitting leggings, stockings,leggings, warm leggings, underclothes and so on.

Machine specification:






4" - 12"




4" - 12"