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Machine Type

Machine name:
Single & Double Jacquard Knitting Machine
Machine model:
2018/05/30 11:38
Machine Description
Machine Description
The computerized Single or double jacquard circular knitting machine is used to produce various kinds of single jersey and double jersey with high quality and plentiful designs, such as undyed jacquard. It adopts the closed up and down design for cams, which are applied in conjunction with an appropriative jacquard needle selector of single or double technology. There are several processable raw materials, like cotton, silk, artificial wool, chemical fiber, blended yarn and high-elastic polyester silk.
Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. The jacquard circular knitting machine makes use of the imported computerized jacquard control system. It is able to promptly and easily design and edit patterns, due to a single or double technology needle selector with 8 or 12 locks, a LCD touch control panel, and an advanced pattern interactive system.
2. The specifically designed split cams are easy to operate. They enhance the quality of knitted fabrics, and ensure the fastness of the pile.
3. 3 Technology Electronic Needle Selection System
Its under needle cylinder is equipped with the 3 technology electronic needle selection plectrum. Through the computer control system, the operator can control looping, doubling stitch or loose stitch according to different needs.
4. Diagonal Narrowing Cams
The independent narrowing cams are used to fix the closed position of the needle latch. The length of yarn will not influence the withdrawal from tuck stitches that is fixed in place. The operator can simply adjust narrowing depth, and let the yarn feeding carrier alone. When knitting light fabrics, the machine may successfully get rid of tuck stitches, which helps to stabilize knitting process and raise fabric quality.
5. LCD Touch Screen
The combination of machine operation and computerized needle selection enables the operation interface to be easily understood and operated. Since the host computer is installed within the product and the interfaces are put at the two sides of the main control cabinet, the jacquard circular knitting machine looks compact and neat.
6. Power Off Memory Function
Under the control of a computer, the machine possesses the memory function and convenient USB ports. The operator may directly store the pattern information in the computer, so as to leave out repeated input. There is no risk of data loss caused by an outage.
Product Application:
Clothing, sheet, pillow towel, fabrics for children and other home textiles.

Machine Specification :



Cylinder Dia.