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Machine Type

Machine name:
Seamless Underwear Knitting Machine
Machine model:
2018/05/30 11:35
Machine Description
Machine Description:
With the help of its knitting suites that correspond to the microcomputer control system, the underwear knitting machine can produce various high-quality seamless knitted fabrics, such as single or double jacquard fabrics, mesh fabric and fabrics for high-end underclothes or swimsuit. The dedicated fabric rolling system unites with electronic control units to pull cloth evenly and avoid folds. It is capable of processing many raw materials, like cotton yarn, blended yarn of various specifications, high-elastic polyester silk, chemical fiber and so on.
Machine Functions and Advantages:
1. Every feeder is equipped with 4-6 yarn carriers. You can select any jacquard design through the microcomputer to finish single-feeder multicolor knitting.
2. The cylinder plate looping cams is under the control of a stepper motor, which realizes 3D knitting.
3. The traction system below adopts the mechanical way of pulling and collecting fabrics, so as to facilitate operating steps, like fabrics collecting.
4. The 8 feeders within the same knitting circle can apply 2 kinds of knitting techniques, which effectively enhance fabric effect.
5. The underwear knitting machine has the 2 technology needle selector with16 tracks. The needle selection and a stepper motor system are controlled by the microcomputer control system. Moreover, the touch operating system of man-machine interactive mode is installed to easily edit internal and external data.
6. The built-in Diagraph 3 plus system achieves efficient transmission of system data, and the modules supports power-off protection, storing data in the memory and other functions. Therefore, the system becomes more convenient.
7. The infrared ray inductor for yarn feeding is able to intelligently judge whether the yarn is broken. If it actually happens, the inductor will immediately report to the controller, so as to reduce defective percentage.
Application of Underwear Knitting Machine:
Dress, decorations (such as headdress flower, hairpin and ribbon), bedclothes (like pillowcase and bedding bag), car outer cover, non-woven bag, lace of fur clothing, pajamas, underwear, gift packing string, seat cover, coaster, curtain, raincoat, PVE reticule, umbrella, food package, tent, disposable non-woven surgical gown, respirator, operating cap, medical eyepatch, fabrics for shoes and hats, etc.

Machine Specification: