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Fabrics such as mesh, cotton, and Terry are selected for the fashioning of our clothing and accessories, but where do they come from? If you wish to achieve bulk production, then the answer is knitting machines. As an experienced Chinese manufacturer, HONGSHUO designs and assembles both circular and flat variations of the knitting machine. Also available is the recently introduced seamless underwear knitting machine. Premium spare parts can be provided for all catalogued products.

Our circular knitting machines may be categorized into the single and double jersey series. The single variation consists of components such as the single jersey machine, 3-thread fleece machine, terry knitting machine, open-width fabric machine, computerized single jersey, pattern wheel knit machine, mini circular knitting machine, and double jersey jacquard circular knitting machine. Its counterpart includes the double jersey machine, terry cloth towel machine, loop pile machine, pattern wheel jacquard machine, velour shearing & knitting machine, etc.


Incorporated in 1996, our company is now located within the picturesque Luojiang District of Quanzhou city. We have imported advanced production equipment from countries such as Japan and Germany. At our disposal is the CNC vertical lathe, high-speed milling machine, CNC machining center, and other types of sophisticated machinery. Supported by sophisticated software such as CAD and CAM, we are now able to assemble up to 2000 machines each year. Through computerized rendering, we can fully analyze each component of our machines.

Years of development have allowed us to mature our design and production techniques. HONGSHUO has gradually risen to prominence as a trusted manufacturer in the domestic industry. Customers can rest assured, our dependable products come attached with excellent after-sales services. In the pursuit of excellence, we have placed a clear emphasis on quality and ingenuity.

The rapid growth and expansion of HONGSHUO is assisted by the contributions of a dedicated staff. Especially noteworthy is our technical taskforce, whom have greatly advanced our manufacturing proficiency for circular knitting machines. These professionals accurately analyze global fabric trends in order to provide customers with relevant products.

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